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Coast Helicopter College is approved as a pilot training school by Transport Canada, and is registered with PCTIA BC.

Minimum age for a Commercial License in Canada is 18. Private License is 17

Training costs are tax deductible as per Canada Revenue regulations.

Coast Helicopter College does not provide accommodation, however students have not typically had trouble finding suitable accommodation for the duration of the course. There are numerous furnished suites and other options in the local area. Let us know if you need help.

The R22 is restricted by maximum pilot weight. Please check with us if you weigh over 200 lbs

A Transport Canada approved medical should be sat and passed before you begin your training. The medical usually costs between one to two hundred dollars. Please contact us for a list of approved doctors, and to find out what class of medical you need.

Does Coast Helicopter College have small or large class sizes
? Coast Helicopter College has small class sizes of three to four students only.

Does Coast Helicopter College provide financing
? Coast Helicopter College does not provide financing. Most of our students that require funding have Student Lines of Credit through their personal bank.

Is it easy to find work once my course is completed? No. For some, employment will come easy. Generally persistence is required to find your first job as an inexperienced helicopter pilot. Once you have a few years and over 1000 hours of experience, employment opportunities become easier to find.

Will I need additional training to fly different and especially larger helicopter types
? You will require an endorsement for each and every type of helicopter you wish to fly. As a commercial pilot, your progression to additional types will only come with time and experience. In other words, it is not realistic to expect to fly many different types , and especially larger helicopters, until you have gained some experience.

How long does the course take? The commercial course usually takes between three to five months training and studying full time. We have trained students while they have continued to work, however this can cause problems with staying current with your flying, depending on how long you plan to take. 

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